CasinoDaddy - fake group-marriage

CasinoDaddy – fake group-marriage

CasinoDaddy is one of the most popular streamers in all of Twitch and Youtube. They are popular despite the fact that their streams are made on fake money. Sure, they deny the fact, but they cannot prove their right in the absence of real evidence of three-valued IQ and sufficient level of testosterone. We’ll get back to the question of testosterone – we promise.

To understand that they advertise bad casinos, just try to play in these casinos.

Who CasinoDaddy are

CasinoDaddy – it’s a family-based industry for tricking naive spectators ready to use their referral links, simultaneously bleeding from their ears due to their terrible accent. Actually, it’s pretty funny to listen to three blondes, whose speech is similar to those with constipation and hemorrhoids at the same time.
In total they’ve given birth to whooping three grand:

  1. Anton
  2. Erik
  3. Mathias

Let’s leave the technicalities aside, we don’t care who is who there, this is only a detail. Three absolutely identical crooks, who are ready to forget for their own benefit what honesty and real kick mean and even about testis. Although, from the look of them they didn’t get testis at conception.

“Group-marriage” is the name we traditionally use in colloquial speech for the form of polyamory, it means a family in which three men of both sexes (one man and two women, or two men and one woman) live together in the same house. Most European languages ​​use a term of French origin “menage a trois” (literally, ” household for three”) –WikiPedia.

Since one of them has grown a beard for the moment, then the first option is suitable for them. The bats have flown the belfry, gentlemen!

Why do we call CasinoDaddy “crooks”?

  1. All their streams run for the money, charged by one or another casino right to the balance. On rare occasions, they charge them money to e-wallets, so that casinodaddy could make a deposit publicly, covering their ass.
  2. Everything related to their streams is nothing but trickery. Fake emotions, false winnings, fake lotteries. Any player with the experience will easily distinguish fake winner emotions from the real ones.
  3. On their website, which they promote so assiduously, there are
    a lot of casinos that do not pay people money.

Such as:

  • VulkanBet
  • Malina
  • Yo-Yo casino
  • Buran
  • Casinia
Proofs From Their Website

The list could go on, but the amount is unlikely to change anything. And of course they all three know that these casinos are scam ! It is well known that their spectators and other referrals will throw money away, never having the slightest chance to get profit in these on-line casinos. But they don’t care – don’t care because, see above, – CasinoDaddy are crooks.

CasinoDaddy Summary

I don’t think I have to mention once again that you don’t always need to believe your ears or your eyes when playing on their referral links. You let the crooks prosper. Also, you should remember that a good affiliate is someone who will take sides with players in any conflicts between a player and a casino, the one who will help in every way and put pressure on the casino in controversial situations .. But our three sisters are not that … They go on moving forward their pseudo-creatures several times a day – just like they go to work.


Oh, yes, I almost forgot. Congratulate them on the purchase of the Volvo XC 90, and then don’t forget to go to the casino and lose your last money, so that they could fuel their new car and stimulate their further fraud.


If you are still smart and make heads and tails of that, share the link on this article with all your friends, or better yet, send it on-air to their chat.

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