Online Casinos VS Land-Based Casinos

Online Casinos VS Land-Based Casinos

Since best online casinos first arrived on the scene, a battle broke out that is still ongoing. It’s hard for players to determine whether online casinos or land-based casinos are better. Both offer a unique gaming experience that suit the needs of different players around the world.

With the rapid growth of interest in online casinos, the industry has branched out quite a bit. Online casinos are doing more with their layout and style to ensure that players flock to their sites. There are thousands of online casinos to choose from and most are quite generic.

Then there are online casinos who have managed to break free from the generic layout and come up with a whole new concept that keeps players entertained, but also provides them with a unique experience that cannot be found elsewhere.
Casinos such as Casino-X, JoyCasino and SlotV Casino are some of the most entertaining and uniquely designed casino sites. With the launch of these sites, the debate has only gotten more heated.

Let’s take a look at what advantages and disadvantages come with land-based and more modern online casinos.

Land Based vs Modern Online Casinos

Gambling has been a popular form of entertainment since before most can remember. In an attempt to provide people with a safe place to go and partake in gambling, land-based casinos were established.

Land-based casinos offer players an escape from reality, once you enter the casino doors it will be difficult to tell day from night. These casinos also offer social interaction which is little to none existent at online casinos. The whole idea behind land-based casinos is to go on an outing, walk around among other players and get caught up in the design of the building and the sounds of slots in the background and people chatting and laughing around you.

Online casinos, on the other hand, provide you with the thrill of enjoying your gaming in solitude or in the company of others with help of live casino games. Modern online casinos such as Metal Casino come with a unique theme and combine two different concepts to make the whole experience even more entertaining.

Some land-based casinos also offer promotions, bonuses and loyalty rewards but in truth they are nowhere near as good as those that can be found at online casinos. Online casinos are also a lot more private and protected than land-based casinos. Land-based casinos are open to the public and anyone visiting knows that it can’t be hidden.

Online casinos are also a lot more convenient in the sense that they can be enjoyed from home without the hassle of getting dressed and additional costs of transport etc. And with modern online casinos offering players a chance to escape on an adventure, combining things such as music and gaming and hosting battles against other players it’s becoming clearer they should be the winner.

Top 3 Modern Online Casinos


This online casino was created by metal music lovers and avid casino fanatics. The casino has a set theme and lures in metal lovers and edgy casino players.

The theme is pulled through to the rewards on offer and instead of just handing out bonus money and free spins, Metal Casino allows players to earn loyalty points and spend it on unique and rare metal music star memorabilia.

The casino has also started a live casino experience which players can be a part of on Wednesdays and Fridays every week on YouTube and Twitch.


This online casino is dedicated to saving players from boredom and letting them take part in a never-ending adventure. Apart from offering the best online casino games from top providers as well as superb bonus offers, this online casino has a growing list of Islands players can play at.

Each Island comes with its own region and bosses. If a player defeats the bosses more rewards are credited. It’s a gaming experience within a gaming experience.

SlotV Casino

This online casino has been around since 2016 and offers players an exciting chance to play their favourite online casino games while traveling on different adventures.

During these adventures players can collect seeds which can later be traded in at the shop for different rewards. The adventures might not be an out of this world concept but what sets it apart is the seed collections. Players get to level up and gain access to different villages when they’ve collected enough seeds.

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