New Jackpot winners in June 2018 at Arabian Nights & Mega Fortune Dreams

Two players from different Casinos were able to enjoy millions of winnings in June 2018 at the NetEnt Slots Arabian Nights and Mega Fortune Dreams. Special feature here was that you have reached the Jackpot with a bet of 1 Euro per Spin.

NetEnt paid out two Jackpots to different players at different Casinos myfreewebcams mobile in June. At Arabian Nights and Mega Fortune Dreams, a total of 5.5 million euros were paid out to the players.

4.25 million Euro on Mega Fortune Dreams

A Belgian player was able to play on Sunday, December 12. The progressive Jackpot of Mega Fortune Dreams will be opened on 30 June 2018. He got the profit of 4.25 million euros when he played at Unibet Casino straight to 1 Euro per Spin. The latest statistical data on the slot Mega Fortune Dreams look like this by winning:

  • 23 recorded profits
  • Average profit: 758.267€
  • Highest Win: € 5,505,845
  • Lowest Profit:€2,729,041
  • Average time between Jackpot Wins: 9 weeks and 1 hour

Mega Fortune Dreams

Mega Fortune Dreams is the successor of Mega Fortune. The latter was triggered twice this year, with at the beginning of March a player from the UK also winning € 2.6 million at Pokerstars at € 1 per spin, and in may 2015 a € 3.7 million Jackpot at LeoVegas at € 4.80 per Spin.

1.4 million euros at Arabian Nights

On 17. On June 30, 2018, a Tuesday, a player at EuroCasino was particularly lucky. With a stake of 1 Euro per Spin, the player was able to secure the progressive prize pool of 1.4 million Euro. The statistical data on the slot Arabian Nights currently looks like this:

  • 37 recorded profits
  • Average profit: 076.390€
  • Highest Win:€8,635,872
  • Lowest Profit:€83,411
  • Average time between Jackpot Wins: 12 weeks and 1 hour

Arabian Nights

Arabian Nights is a rather unspectacular Slot from my point of view, which I have played only once. Graphics and Gameplay are, in my opinion, not comparable with the modern progressive NetEnt Slots like Hall of Gods, or Divine Fortune. So I can’t understand why it is played by a relatively large number of players. There are simply better progressive Slots that promise more fun.

Progressive Slots have high profit potential, but poor payout
You should consider playing a progressive slot because you usually lose everything if you don’t stop playing early enough. Whether Hall of Gods, Mega Fortune or even Ozwin’s Jackpot by Yggdrasil, so far I have only lost my bets on the Slots, even if I could play the slot machines for a relatively long time.

You always have to expect to lose everything. Jackpot wins are similar to rare million wins in the lottery. Therefore, the risk of loss should be considered rather than a possible profit. Nevertheless, I find it interesting that the Jackpots were won on a stake of 1 Euro. It is Often in the descriptions that higher stakes promise greater chances of winning the Jackpot.

Overall, I think it’s nice that NetEnt now also releases the bets on which the jackpot wins were scored. However, since I usually play on stakes below 1 Euro, I wonder if I really would have realistic chances of winning. However, since only the right time of the Spins to be for a profit on the Slot and don’t use, I’ll try it on my favourite Jackpot Slots such as Ozwin’s Jackpots, Hall of Gods, or Divine Fortune. But I’m sure I’ll lose my bets and probably not be able to break the Jackpot.

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