Account Blockage Due To Excessive Use of Bonuses

Account Blockage Due To Excessive Use of Bonuses

Situations where online casinos block customers due to excessive use of bonuses are very common,
that is why we consider such complaints with particular attention. Before placing the request in this
section, it is recommended to clear up the reasons that have led to blocking on the site or removal from
Bonus Program. All of that can be found out by the support operators in online chat or via e-mail
If the arguments of  online casino representatives seem to be unconvincing to the players, such a complaint
will be accepted by our specialists as soon as possible. Below you find examples where we consider the
most popular reasons for account blockage due to excessive use of bonuses.


Example No 1

A player registered an account on a family member or a relative, and then took advantage of the bonus.
Even having provided supporting documents, the casino administration is fully empowered to refuse
payment of bonuses or the wins that followed them. In order to avoid such situations, we recommend
first to clear up this paragraph in the list of regulations.

Example No 2

The online casino Security Service has found the coincidence of the client with other users on IP
addresses and cookies. It is not easy to prove guilt of violation of this paragraph, so each case is
considered individually for each user. In order to prove yourself it is important for the player to provide
the following information:
• relevant residential address,
• other supporting documents.

Example No 3

The user plays in online casino exclusively on bonuses, without the usual game for real money. This
case cannot be called flagrant violation, but there is a possibility that the site administration will decide
to block the client on this basis. It will be difficult to correct the verdict even with our help, because
excessive use of bonuses is one of the varieties of bonus hunting which is unwelcome in the online
casino industry.
Investigating complaints against excessive use of bonuses takes some time, necessary for
communication with representatives of online casinos and obtaining responses from them.
Upon successful outcome of the solution to the situation, the user will get back all blocked money and
have restored access to the use of bonuses. Moreover, loyal online casinos always return deposit amounts,
even in cases where the player is not right.

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